Cat Nail Art




Introduction: Cat Nail Art

paint your nails with your favorite color.
(shades of orange ,purple, bluish grey or coffee color polish would be better)
if you want to show moon then put a huge yellow or white dot on one of the nail

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Step 1: Paws

put two big dots as shown

then put 4 dots around each big dot as shown to make paws

Step 2: Cat

this is the simplest way to draw a cat

draw a "U" or "V" shape and fill only base of that "U" or "V" (refer Photo)

then draw a vertical line from the base of cat's face till the end of your nail

then give a shape of "drop" to that vertical line

then add its two legs as shown

finally add a huge curved tail

seal it with top coat

if you want then you can add whiskers, very fine work needed (i skipped that).. you can add two white dots for its eyes (i skipped that too)

if you want to add glitter polish, put it before drawing cat and paws

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    4 years ago

    I'm going to try this!!!

    Mixey 101
    Mixey 101

    5 years ago

    So cute have to try this :D


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Your moon gives me idea of making food based nails! Poched eggs!