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Introduction: Cat Sequoia

About: I'm cheap and like to use what I have on hand and I really enjoy taking things apart to salvage parts. Rather than be a precise engineering type of person, I'm more of an enthusiastic tinkerer. Making things...

My latest project is a giant cat tree to take advantage of the high ceiling in our dining room. It stands over eight feet high so I refer to it as the cat sequoia. The top is secured to the window frame via a couple of eye hooks and beaded chain. In the picture below 4 out of our 5 cats are using it simultaneously. I didn't bother with a full Instructable as I was lazy in the documenting the building process and the construction concepts are pretty general. But I wanted to share, so hope you enjoy.



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    Very nice, it would be interesting to see how you got such a neat result with the carpet

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    Looks like they really like it, and that's always satisfying. Looks awesome, nice work.