Cat Shack Fever




Introduction: Cat Shack Fever

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Sometime not too long ago, we built a home for our cats
We Like to call it the Cat Shack.



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    This is awesome. It looks something like the shed we plan on making but I love how yours was an actual cat shack. It looks so safe. We have four cats and they love being outdoors too.

    I love this. I have a shed in the back of my property and I was thinking of doing something very similar to this. My cats want to go outside, but I want them to be safe.

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    Highly recommend it! These guys have been rocking it out there solo for a little over a year and they love it. I was worried they were gonna get all feral on us, but they seem much happier with free access to the outdoors. I was surprised at the amount of time they actually spend outside. Even when it's raining and snowing. On a nice sunny day they are out there all day long. And it's very nice to be able to go hang out in the grass with them. We are going to build outdoor enclosure #2 very soon. Let me know how your conversion is coming along. Thanks for the props ! : )

    Thanks Jessy : )

    I plan to revise this with actual instructions and make it ible worthy - but I thought tossing it out here was a good way to get the ball rolling -

    Feeling Crafty lately, let's see what shakes out!