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Introduction: Cat Toy

Ok so im trying to win the pet competition for my friend and this is what i thought of.

I know you buy them in the shop so this is my version of them they would probably look good coloured of you have coloured string or something but i just had white..

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Step 1: What You Need

•an old sponge
•masking tape
•you might want double sided tape (i didnt use it on the red one except i thought if it at the end where it was flat but om the green one i used it before i wrapped the string an i think it stuck better)

Step 2:

Cut a drip kind of shape out of the sponge. The mouse gets squished inwards by the string so its better of you do it quite fat.

Step 3:

Cover the whole thing with masking tape you dont need to do it too tightly but quite a lot of layers os good.

Step 4:

Leave the string attached to the roll and tape it across the body with a length for the tail off the end. Fasten it on with tape.

Step 5:

Next cut the shape you want for the ears out of felt but with a stalk attached like in the picture. Put them both on a piece of tape and wrap it around the pointy end covering the string so it comes out of the middle. Then if you want you can use another bit of tape to make the end pointier so theres no ledge from the string to the body, it makes it easier to wrap.

Step 6:

Tie a loop knot at the end. If you dont know how its just like a bow but you dont loop around first you just make a single knot and pull a loop of string through before you pull it tight.

If you dont want it to be on a string afterwards, tou can just do a knot instead but it has to be quite big so the first loop doesnt slide over.

Step 7:

Start wrapping.

You just wrap the string around the body. I already said but in one of them i used double sided tape to keep it stuck on, i would do this especially if the shape os quite round.

Step 8:

When you get to the end you probably would need another bit of double sides sticky tape definitely if its flat like mine was. Roll it into the middle like a spiral then tie it in a knot with the string you left at the beginning for the tail, then cut off one of the strings (unless you want it to have 2 tails)

Step 9:

Use a sharpie to draw on the eyes.

Now its done! :D

If you want you can use the loop to tie it onto a string like this but its perfectly fine by itself as well.

I hope you liked it :P

Step 10:

Its quite hard to take pictures of him because he's all black

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    5 years ago

    This is soooooo cute! One question though does it matter what kind of string is used? -thanks


    Reply 5 years ago

    No i dont think so anyway i just used normal string that you can buy from basically any shop but i imagine any other string would work fine as well :)