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This is a cat toy that mounts to your fridge with a powerful magnet. It is simple to build and should keep your feline entertained...if they are in the mood. As cats are more fickle than the weather I can't make any promises.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

Tools you'll need include:

  • screw driver
  • pliers

Materials you'll need include:

  • magnet
  • spring
  • scrap metal
  • screws
  • yarn

Step 2: Assembly

Place your spring on the magnet between the two handily placed threaded holes in the magnet mounting plate. (If your magnet doesn't have handily placed threaded holes see below.) Once the spring is in place bend a piece of scrap metal so the edge of the metal overlaps the bottom of the spring. the rest of the metal should sit almost flush with the monuting plate surface (Picture 1). (My scrap metal already had holes in it. If yours doen't you'll need to drill some.)

Once this is done secure the metal to magnet with a screw (Picture 2). Make sure it is down tight. You don't want the spring ro come loose as your feline attacks the yarn.

Repeat this step on the other side to finish securing the spring.

If you don't have handily placed threaded holes for mounting or don't want to drill holes in scrap metal I think you can simply attach it with a large amount of epoxy. In fact this is what I planned to do until I saw the holes. Another benefit to this option is you don't need any tools and can elimate the scrap metal and screws, greatly simplfying the project.

Step 3: Attach Yarn

Tie one end of the yarn to the spring. On the other end of the yarn tie bells, frills or whatever type of prey enlivens your feline. For good measure cover it in cat nip. Once it is ready attach to the fridge and await the fun.



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    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    No they were asleep. Plus the one is too cool for strings. Strings are for kittens in her opinion. The other one would just be blur as she unleashed her paws of furry upon the unsuspecting yarny bastard.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe cat was sceared off by mouse mouse. :D It doesn't want to be cat mouse. :D


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Looks great. I'd just add the caveat that you should make sure the yarn is tied securely to the spring, and is strong enough that the cat can't chew through it and swallow pieces. Bad things happen to kitty intestines when they get tangled with yarn.