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Introduction: Cat Toy Massager

This cat toy removes shedding fur, massages, and provides cheap entertainment for your favorite cat. The dangling cat toy is fun for playtime. The stiff bristles massage your cat as she goes under or beside the arch. The bristles also snag loose pet fur. Intended primarily for cats, the toy could also be used with other types of pets.

I made this inexpensive toy for our resident cat, Bubbles. Bubbles was rescued from a shelter as a kitten, and she was very ill. She had caught a respiratory illness at the shelter, and had a runny nose, and her tiny nose would blow bubbles when she wheezed.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

To make the cat toy massager, you will need:

· Two toilet bowl brushes

· A lid from a plastic storage box

· Various tools: scissors, utility knife, pliers, hammer

· Duck tape

· A small (1-2 inch) cat toy, and piece of string

I suppose that you could be really cheap, and recycle some old toilet brushes, but I decided to splurge, and buy two new brushes at a discount store for $1.50 each. My lid was from a discarded plastic box that I already owned.

Step 2: Destroy Your Supplies.

Hit the handles of the brushes with a hammer, to release the brushes. Poke two holes in the lid, about 12 inches apart.

Step 3: Add the Brushes.

Twist the metal wire ends of the brushes together. You need to be very strong to do this step, or have a strong friend. If you just broke up with your body-building boyfriend, do not despair. Just use a heavy pair of pliers. Push the other ends into the two holes of the plastic lid. Bend the wire back underneath the lid. Brushes should be on the top of the lid, and the wire ends underneath. The brushes should be bent into a nicely shaped arch.

Step 4: Duck Tape!

Add duck tape underneath to hold the wire securely to the bottom of the lid. Wrap duck tape around the wire connection on the top of the arch, so that the cat will not be harmed by the wire ends. Add a cat toy with a piece of string to the center of the arch.

Step 5: Give the Toy to Your Favorite Cat.

We gave our new toy to Bubbles, and attempted to recruit her as a cat model. As always, we are cautious regarding the legalities of having a blog, so Bubbles was asked to sign a model release. This feline was not very cooperative. I obviously have no future in the field of cat photography, and Bubbles desperately needs to take modeling classes. At first, Bubbles expressed no interest in her new toy. After a long stretch of visual inspection, she did finally start to paw at the dangling toy. Frustrated, and with a dying battery, I gave up my photography attempts. Later that night, when the lighting was too poor for photography, Bubbles kept all her sleeping housemates entertained with the gleeful noises of playing with her new toy. Sigh. This is the life of being owned by a cat.

Come visit Bubbles, and her minions, at

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    12 Discussions

    it would be nasty to up cycle a old toilet brush, wouldn't it smell?

    LOL, I know what you mean. I saw that I'ble a while ago but for whatever reason I didn't read it; I will now. :)

    Very Cool! I have a great tip for you though. As we all know (all cat lovers have this verbal debate with cats at least once ;) ), cats rarely do what you want them to when you want them to, lol. When you want to take pictures of your cat don't wait for them to be interested, just put some catnip on the toy; trust me, you will get better pictures than you hoped for (without wasting all your camera battery. :)

    6 replies

    attmos this is possibly the weirdest cat you will ever meet she will not touch catnip or anything else that most cats would be enticed by

    That is weird; I know cats are very picky but I've never heard of one who doesn't like catnip. That's kind of a bummer, it's fun to watch! Try fish food just for fun. My cat loves it and I'd be interested to hear if yours might. :)

    she will eat some tuna fish but we attempted to give her fresh fish once and she would not touch it its kind of funny she has a mind of her own she will only eat the store brand cat food (we tried giving her the expensive stuff once and she turned her nose up too it) which we are ok with because that stuff can get pretty expensive so we just let her do her thing....i think sometimes she thinks she is part dog that is why she doesnt like the things a "normal" cat would

    Do you have dogs too? I think my cat thinks he's a person. :) When I said fish food, I meant the flakes that you give to aquarium fish. It's most made out of fish.

    no dont have dogs but i grew up around dogs and never really had cats until i moved and we adopted bubbles (our cat) so i think in raising her i used some dog raising techniques so she thinks she is part dog or something