Cat Trap





Introduction: Cat Trap

A simple dead-fall style trap that will capture a cat without hurting it.

Step 1: Materials

These are the materials I used simply because they were on hand. The whole machine is very simple so substituting your own materials will not be a problem.

>Milk Crate
>2 Markers

Step 2: Assemble the Trap

1. Attach the bait to the wire.
2. Attach one end of the wire to the inside of the milk crate. I centered it on the bottom.
3. Prop the milk crate up the markers. Make sure the wire is between the edge of the crate and the top marker.

Step 3: Wait

Sit back and wait. Sooner or later a cat will come and investigate. Then the fun begins.

Step 4: Success!

When the cat pulls on the bait, the milk crate will fall down, trapping the curious creature. My cat fell for it five times - she kept springing the trap when I was trying to take pictures.



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i used a laundry basket and a homemade toy from beads & string, taking the lid off thetop marker and wrapping the string then closing the marker

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i made one with wood and i use cargo net that was small in size as in smaller grids made out of rope also added a sliding door that slides up the back has as a small plank with a small door hinge that is to keep it from moving as u will add some weights on the plank. the sliding door is to get them out in to a smaller cage one by one with this one i can get 5 cat up to 7 i think at the same time i use some cat food fish flavor to get then to go in to it to hold it up you only need a wood rod that kinda looks like this Y the v part would be smaller in length then a long string. you could add a hinge to the rod but the hinge need to bend only one way not both ways to help to get the rape to go down better tie the sting to the hinge part but it i will work fine with out it To get then to go in the small cage i covered the big trap with cloth draped it over then put the smaller cage right up to the big trap cover the small cage as well but not the back part left that uncovered so that the cat will think it has a way out after one cat went in the smaller cage i closed the big trap door and the small cage then got the next cage and did the same thing one by one all that cat got in to there cage to get them fixed i will make a new one because the old one i gave it away

u can use a cardboard box but this will need some weight on the top front part not to much weight so that it drops down faster also u need a weight for the back so u will need a bard u can use cardboard to make one get a one foot width and maybe like 2 feet long or 3 feet rectangle piece then fold it in half then glue half of it in the back side to keep the box from moving when that cat is in also for when u pull the sting.

On my next one i thinking of using pvc pip and still cargo netting i will put some sand in the bottom rount tubing to give some weight when it going down on the cats also add the a plank with door hinge i will bolt it on with flat head bolts this will need a allen wrench for the door same sliding door that will slide up and down the sliding part still working on how i will get it to slide up and own

I made this with the same items but I changed the design. The only item that I changed was the milk crate. Since I don't have one I used a cardboard box. I placed tuna in a bowl as the bait and I used the string to pull on the markers when the cat started to eat.but I love this. I've caughten two feral kittens that way!!!!i thanks for putting this up

Istructions unclear, I´m stuck in milk crate! Please help!


2 years ago

What is the purpose to trap a cat you already have at home? :) the easier Soloution , place a new cardboard box near the cat and the cat will sit in shortly. Its important that the box is new so the succsessrate is nearly 100%. Cats love small containers even when they dont fit in :) (google If It Fits I Sits cat meme). greetings

This might work for a tame cat. But I doubt it will work for a feral cat. They'd go crazy wild & try to get out, bouncing & clawing off every surface. It'd not be heavy enuf for the antics of a scared feral. Nor work for a feral kitten. The handle gaps would need to be firmly covered. Quick way - Cardboard & duct tape, both in & out. May even have to close off the rest too. Kittens may be able to squeeze thru those other holes.

I've trying to find a simple, easy live trap for ferals in here, that would trap them without anybody being there, & not scare them too much, so they don't have that fraction of a second to dash out.

I've seen that happen when I caught two feral kittens, as they had jumped into the dumpster after it had been emptied, & couldn't get out.

I caught one with a towel, put it n a carrier that has a latch. Caught the other the same way. But when went to put the 2nd in the carrier, the first saw it's fraction-of-a-second-moment, & flashed right out the barely open door & was gone. Still watching out for it, but have no safe live trap meant for cats/kittens.

I used one of those (but smaller) and put a pillow in it and put a old t-short over it so they have the neck hole to get into it!! She loves it!


3 years ago


So, wait, why do we need to trap a tame house cat? Just wondering.

Instead of the feathers I tied a piece of meat on the string and it worked. Also instead of a milk crate I used a fish tank that I drilled hole into. Because if you trap a cat in a milk crat they can walk and the crate moves.

In my country, cat catches you! Sorry, had to do it.