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Introduction: Cat Travel Box

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I will show you an idea for making your own cat carry box for when you need to travel your cat to a new house or to the vet. Cardboard and string!

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Step 1: Start

You will need:

Toilet roll or baking paper cardboard tubes
1 x carboard box
Roll of string (wool is fine) OR sticky tape (lots)

In this instructable, I will give you an idea you can use for your own cat carry box. A window that your cat can get fresh air and see well through.

First thing is to grab that box and cut a rectangle/square out of the side. This will be where you want the window to be. Make sure you keep the peice you cut out intact in case you need it for something later on - an add-on, maybe.

Step 2: The Fun Part

Take your roles and cut lots of rings out of them. See the photo below to see what I mean. Make them about 1-2cm thick so that they aren't weak or your cat may break through them.
Once you have a pile of the rings, start cutting peices of string about 15cm long. You will need to double the sting up and tie each ring to the next to form a grid/mesh. They will all be linked together by the string or if you decided to use sticky tape, you tie them together by tape. I have tied them horizontal and verticle to each other. If you have a big strong cat, you may want to tie them diagonal to each other as well to make the mesh stronger. I can imaging the mesh will be smaller, though.
Use the peice you cut off the window to size up your mesh and to make sure it will fit the window. Once you have a good sized mesh, you will need to make it fit the sides of the window/box to keep it in place.

Step 3: Holes

Roughly hold the mesh on top of the widow. Take the scissors and start to make holes around the sides of the box where each ring sits. You will need to tie the outer loops to these holes in order to have the mesh stuck on the box. If you chose to go with tape, you may find this step a bit tricky - you may want to just go with string. Check the bottom right of the photo below to see how it is done.
Once you have managed to hook all the outer rings to the box, give it a test by pushing on it. I hope it has managed to stay together ok. You should be able to tell if your cat will be able to get out.

Step 4: Finish

In the photo below you can see my cat inside the finished box. That will give her a good view of what's going on and give her some fresh air plus we can see what she's up to during the journey.
From here, you will need to organise a way to keep your cat from getting out of the box through the bottom or top. You could just fold the bottom and top and put something on top to hold it down. I taped the bottom up so that nothing moved. I taped most of the top apart from a hole where I can put her in and get her out. This hole is covered by a flap that I can fasten in place so she can't get out.
I hope this gives you an idea of an easy way to give your cat a window without using much stuff.
If your cat hates going in the car, you may want to consider going to the vet the day of travel and getting her a shot to calm her down and make her sleep. This is what we are considering for our next journey (about 5 hours).
Have you ever seen your cat put their paw into holes? They will probably do that with this! It looks funny and they seem to enjoy figuring out the rings!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Had you thought about just knitting a mesh from string? L


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, while I was building it. It reminded me of a rope net too much and I thought I had a more one-of-a-kind idea with the toilet rolls. String mesh would work quite well though just thinking about it.