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Introduction: Cat Wall

About: Married father of 5 (4 boys and 1 girl). A Captain in the Fire Department with over 25 years of service. Grew up turning wrenches at my fathers garage. That turned into a love of building things with my hands.

My wife wanted a cat. I didn't want a cat. We compromised and got a cat...well this little fur ball has been fun. He's been getting real sweet too. He comes over to me when I'm relaxing on the couch azxf&#be...Get off cat! I can't even touch my iPad without him jumping on top of it.

Anyway, our dog Lieu (Standard Poodle) is pretty smart. He was always finding a way to get to Artie's (said cat) food. I had to figure out a way to get his food up to a place where the dog couldn't get to it. We had this wall space at the end of kitchen that my wife had been asking me to fix. It had tile on it and was a bit dated. So I ripped it out one afternoon and made the wainscot to cover the wall where the tile had been.

Funny story, while taking a sledge to the tile my 10 y/o came in and said "what are you doing dad? We're gonna have to hire someone to fix that now." I look at him bewildered as I pretty much fix everything around here. I even do handyman work on the side. The wife chimes in "We don't need to hire a man Jonathan, we have a man"

Happy Husband.

Photos of cat and dog included.

Step 1: Inspiration...

The inspiration for this cat climber wall came from two things.

1st: This photo. Very cool idea.
2nd: I hate those carpet covered cat trees you buy at the pet store. Sorry, I find them kinda tacky.

Step 2: The Build.

There really aren't too many pearls of wisdom or hacks to give you here. I measured the space, took notes and went to the hardware store to get a bunch of 1/2 pipe and couplings.

One thing I can tell you, is I first mounted the trees too close together and the cat didn't know how to navigate up and down. That's why you see the wall damage, I had to move the tree on the left over a bit. I used 1/2 black gas pipe. I used gas pipe because it's cheaper than galvanized. Quite a bit cheaper too. You'll have to spray it with polyurethane though, it will rust. Even from the oil on your hands.

I laid the pipes out on the floor and basically experimented with different combinations until I found one I liked. The platforms are just pine boards I cut to fit the position. I wiped black wood stain on them and then immediately wiped it off, that gave it the light black look, and it looked good with the black pipe. I also put grip tape on the platforms. This gave Artie a lot of confidence going up and down. Before that, he wasn't real sure of himself on it.

Oh, get thread lock glue. A good one too. You won't always be able to thread the pipe in all the way and get it level and set. The thread lock will allow you to glue the pipe in position if you can't tighten it all the way.

Step 3: The Bowl.

For the bowl, I used an old oxygen cylinder the FD was scraping because it was out of hydro. I used a metal cutting bandsaw to cut about 1/3 of the top off. I then went to the hardware store and matched up fittings for it to take a 1/2 pipe thread.

I filled in the hole with black epoxy and then painted the inside black. After that, I used bar top poly to seal the bowl up proper.

The rim was another matter, I was originally going to file and smooth the rim out. Once I started, I thought a softer touch would look better and went to work on making a rim out of red oak. I used my lathe to make a rough profile to recess and glue the O2 tank into. After that, I cut it out with my scroll saw and sanded and polished smooth. Glued overnight and done.

Step 4: The Cat House.

I made him a cool little house on the very top. I even lined the bottom with a scrap carpet tile. When I was done, I asked the Mrs to come up with a funny way to make the cat look silly when he poked his head out. I was thinking along the lines of maybe a sharks mouth or a sign that read, "beware of cat". My with came up with the top-hat and bow-tie. Absolutely brilliant and perfect for this little scoundrel.

I just free hand cut the top-hat and tie. Stained them the same way as I did the platforms. The red band on the hat is glued on felt.

Came out awesome!

Step 5: Just a Bunch of Photos Here.

Like I said in the beginning, the space you have will dictate how you make this so there isn't any detailed measurements or instructions.

Enjoy the pics and happy building.



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    31 Discussions

    What great Idea.I have the same problem with my Lab.Thanks

    Nearly 70 years old. After decades of cats, thought would not get another. My husband saved a kitten from certain death so hey! another cat. Also in Europe temporarily-language problems, lack of material resources to build, etc. On the 2nd floor with only a terrace and 1 safe-ish window ledge. Mine climbs on the bookshelves, but I will ask someone to try your design on one small wall area. HOWEVER, WHAT I WOULD LIKE ALL YOU CAT PEOPLE TO INVENT IS A SELF-MASSAGE MAT/BRUSH FOR CAT USE? Fed up with being a slave to his meow? which means a brush on demand. Should I suggest this to the team? Anyone who does a good design will obviously become a millionaire overnight. Loved the dog picture!

    4 replies

    I think this is the instructable you're looking for?

    Hi, thought I had replied, but message seems to have disappeared, so will just say thank you for the link. I can make this and am sure cat will use it at some time. My idea of an ideal cat scratcher is like the Indian bed of nails- but with short bristles- with the cat moving around on his back and purring like mad. Thanks again. What a lovely community this is.

    Think a post with some kind of brushing system applied so the cat can rub up against it and leaving the 'said' fur behind. My cat denies any contribution to the dust bunnies made of cat hair in our house.

    Sorry, but have thought about my self massage machine for cats, and have come to realise:
    1. Cat demands a human for brushing purposes.
    2. Cat is the most important living animal in household so demands must be met fairly quickly-like sleeping on clean linen, or on keyboard, on sewing patterns, on half done jigsaws etc. etc etc..
    3. Brushing system probably would not brush the correct way-no purring would occur & there may be some effort required of the cat.
    Lets be realistic- my suggestion is a fantasy. Long live pets!


    2 years ago

    lovely will have to talk my Dad into making something for our 4 fur babies :-) I have always wanted something for them and this is a perfect idea :-)

    Thanks a bunch :-)

    I made a cat toy in one of my other instructables. Check that out too.

    Moaiuppa, saw the typo. It's kind of a pain to go fix it. Figured everyone would get what I meant. The oxygen tank bowl screws out for cleaning btw. Very simple to do and it's done often. As for PVC, I wonder if it would be stable? Maybe. It might be bouncy.

    I built a "Catdominum" a few years back with several areas for relaxing or whatever.

    The top level was a deck, complete with small picket fence made with a left over sheet of 7/16" OSB 2'X8'

    That's where the food and water were located.

    We lived in a rural area with feral critters of every imaginal type.

    Big plus for the outdoor cat was the big kitchen window she could keep track of us in the house

    We used a scrap of carpet that was laid in loose so it could be removed for cleaning.

    2 replies

    I wish I still had the place and pictures.

    The picket fence I made from paint stir sticks.

    For those not quite so mechanically inclined, I imagine the same thing could be done with PVC (easier to work with) and a platform to put the bowl on so it is removable for cleaning.

    (BTW spell check "wife" instead of "with" for "My with came up with the top-hat and bow-tie."

    We used black pipe for a pot hanging rack in our kitchen at our previous house. Wire brushing the pieces turned a very attractive finish. nice work, and thanks for creating an alternarive carpet-covered lumber look!

    1 reply

    I want to see your please


    2 years ago

    We had a cat. He's gone to that happy hunting ground. Anyway this is a great project, makes me want to get another cat. Oh, darn I forgot my wife has alergies. :-)

    1 reply

    Most allergies to cats is to their dander, which is the protein from their saliva when the clean themselves. If you bath the cat weekly most allergies are no longer a problem. Some cats don't like a bath but in time get used to it. That is if you really want to have a cat!


    Idistler, I used what's call a closet flange. Any hardware store that sells the pipe will have that flange.

    My husband just brought a cat home, and I am starting to warm up to her. Your creative Instructable caught my attention. How did you attach the flanges to the wall?