Cat Wall




My 500 sq ft apt had no room for a cat tower,so I got creative. Plus my 2 dogs control the floor and furniture. This us my first instruct able so bare with me.

Step 1: Attach to the Wall.

Unfortunately my walls were cinder block, so I tried to liquid nail them to the wall. Not the easiest or durable. I had to drill into the wall and use anchors to attach to the wall. If using a sheetrock wall be sure to drill at least 1 screw into a stud. Try and make it interesting for your cat. I hung a catnip toy from an eye hook that I closed over the grommet I put on the toy.

Step 2: So Sorry!

Having issues with the editing, somehow my steps got out of order and I am unable to correct this.

Step 3: Sizing Things Up

I decided on my shelves to be 18"*7", with the support brace @ 18"*3". I assembled the shelves with wood screws that I pre-drilled. I determined that 5 would be plenty for now. I wanted to leave room for additions and modifications. My cat is tiny and will remain so, therefore my shelves are adequate for her and so not to inter fear of the door.

Step 4: Cover Tops of Shelves

I used the foam that is sold in rolls near the shelf paper. Glue it down on top of shelves. You could use fur,fabric,or what ever you choose.

Step 5: Introduce Your Cat.

I have her food bowl on one shelf and a small water on another. Sun-E really enjoys her own space.



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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent idea. So versatile and adaptable. Good way to keep the pug out of the cat food as well!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cats really do enjoy being able to look down on the world....Looks like she loves her perch up there!