Cat and Mouse Automata

Introduction: Cat and Mouse Automata


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Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials and Tools Needed:

1. Plywood (.5" thick, 2x2)

2. Wood Glue

3. A drill (with drill bits)

4. A clamp

5. Laser Cutter (optional)

6. .5" wooden dowel 1 yard long

7. .3" wooden dowel 1 yard long

8. One paperclip (for mouse)

9. 3" of fishing line ( or any sturdy clear string)

10. 4 .25" wide Screws

11. Wood (1" thick 10x10)

Step 2: Cut Sides


Cut 2 5x12" rectangles

Cut 3 5x5" squares

Step 3: Glue Sides, Make Supports

Drill a .5" hole into the middle two of the squares

Using wood glue, glue two squares (one with a hole and one without) to either end of one of the rectangles on the inside (inside meaning the bottom of the square is attached to the rectangle, not to the side of the rectangle)

Cut 4 1x.75x.75" cube from the 1" wood

Glue 2 of them on the inside of each side of the box for support

Step 4: Inside Square and Supports

Cut 2 5x.75x.75" cube from the 1" wood (support)

Glue the final square with the hole 7.5" away from one of the ends

Glue the supports to both side of the square

Step 5: Cutting Your Cams, Gears, and Circles

Cut 2 3.5" drop cams from the plywood, glue them together and drill a .26" hole into roughly the middle of it

Cut 2 3.5" oval cams from the plywood, glue them together and drill a .26" hole into roughly the middle of it

Cut 4 2" circles from the plywood and glue them together in sets of 2 and drill a .35" hole into each of them

Cut 2 3" gears (12 teeth) from the plywood and drill a .5" hole into them

Step 6: Preparing More Parts

Cut a 4.25" circle from the plywood drill a .24" hole

Cut and whittle a rough mouse shape using the 1" wood, cut .5" whiskers and attach them, then cut the paper clip into a 1.25" long wire and attach it to the mouse for a tail

Make the cat:

1. Cut out a rough cat shape with no appendages

2. Cut out the leg and glue them to the side of the cat

3. Cut out the tail 6" long attach by drilling a hole and using a screw to attack it to the body making sure it is loose enough to go up and down

4. Cut out a 5.5" long arm for the cat and attach the same way as above

Step 7: Assembling the Cams and Gears

Cut the .5" wooden dowel so it is 10" long

Thread it through the side with the bigger space, slide the cams on, separate them

There should be a little room for you to put one of the gear on the end of the dowel on the other side of the middle square

The 90 Degree Gear:

1. Cut a 1.5x1.5" block from the 1" wood, drill a .7" hole into it

2. Cut the .5" wooden dowel so it is 5.5" long

3. Glue the block so it is touching the support of the middle square on the side without the dowel

4. Insert the dowel and add the gear so it is touching the other gear at a 90 degree angle

Step 8: The Top: Mouse

Glue the top on

Drill a hole so that the dowel is visible

Take the big circle and line up the holes

Put the screw in so it connects the circle to the spinning gear

Glue the mouse somewhere on the circle

Step 9: The Top: the Cat

Glue the cat so that it's head is .5" away from the circle


Drill a .5" hole beneath the cat's arm and tail, make sure it lines up with the cams underneath

Cut 2 2.5" long pieces from the .3" dowel and glue them to the middle of the circles

slide the circle thing's dowel through the hole and let the circle rest on the cam

When you turn the dowel, it should rotate the cams and push up the arm and the tail


Here are some videos...

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    1 year ago

    Very nice, I like automata :)

    Cool. If you want to make the video easier for people to view, you can upload it to Youtube and embed it on the page using the Embed Video tool in the step editor. Then people will be able to view it without having to download it.