Cat From Coraline

Introduction: Cat From Coraline

My cousin really wanted the cat from Coraline, so she requested it from me for a Christmas present. The cat is made of yarn, felt, a plastic nose, plastic whiskers, and polyester fiberfill. I made the pattern myself. Enjoy!

Addendum: Unfortunately, I cannot locate the pattern to this apologies to everyone who requested the pattern.



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    Your cat is perfect!! I would love to buy this pattern from you if you find it. Please! I am a black cat junkie, and I loved Coraline. I have two black cats and love them dearly. Anyways, I hope you find it and see this. Really it is gorgeous work!

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    still enjoying your cat very much !! any luck finding your pattern?
    It is so lovely!

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    Sorry, I still haven't come across it. I think I found part of it, but not the important parts (like the face) that I can't replicate easily.

    sorry to bother you like that! no worries.. I won't keep bugging.
    I just really really loved your work.
    thankyou again

    Thanks for looking, in the meantime I'll keep peeking at, and enjoying you cat pic! LOL . I adore how you did the eyes. Very nice :) you have great talent.

    Really, the pattern would be great, my kids would love this