Cat Litter Box Hider, With Storage From an Old Stereo




Introduction: Cat Litter Box Hider, With Storage From an Old Stereo

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I hate having my cat box out. You can smell it. Company can see it, its just not pleasant. So i decided to give my buddy RUFUS (my cat) some privacy for his business.

Step 1:

First of all i gutted out the stereo parts and speakers using screw drivers and a hammer ( side note i pulled out all the vaccum tubes for future projects)

Step 2:

I took a drill made a pilot hole, and used a jigsaw to cut a large hole in the side for my cat to have access.

Step 3:

My stereo had a divider already in it made a nice second storage area for the litter bottle. I took a 1/4 piece of birch (5$ at lowes) and used my jigsaw to cut to fit for a door. Used 2 1$ hinges and a latch to secure it with a drill. That way rufus wont kick litter out the back.

Step 4:

I added 2 new cabitnet handles to the front to match other pieces of furniture in the room. ordered pieces of 1/8 " plexiglass precut to fit over the speakers and for embelishments from tapp plastics online. Attached it with pl all purpose adhesive. In my room you cat even see the entrance to know its even a cat box. In the top i store his food treats and scooper. RUFUS is so happy to no longer have to do his business in front of prying eyes, and im happy to no longer smell it!!!!

UPDATE!!!! I upgraded this some too. Took some old socks filled them with activated carbon and cedar shavings and stapled them inside. Completely removed any remaining odor. Works awesome! I just hope Rufus dont decide to go all scratching post on them, time will tell.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent project. Thank you for sharing this!