Cat on a Shard of Glass




Introduction: Cat on a Shard of Glass

This is my first bad instructable.

I cleaned the garage, and I found broken glass pieces. I thought about doing a little present for my young friend cats lover.

You need a piece of glass, a PC, paper, tape and electric engraver

Step 1: Write the Name

a) Write the name you want and with the character you want (I used "coca cola" characters).

b) Once satisfied with the result, I've saved the screen with the "Stamp" button.

c) I opened the old "paint" program, and I pasted the image of the screen.

d) I resized the image.

Step 2: Turns the Written

For best results it is better that the incision is made on the glass behind it, so the written and disegne must be incised on the contrary.

e) with the command "Horizontal Flip" reflects the word.

f) Press the message according to the piece of glass dimensions and your judgment

Step 3: Draws the Cat

g) drawing the cat with "the utmost of your artistic power" on the same piece of paper written in the place you like.

(In my design would seem a curious cat)

Step 4: Fixed Glass

h) with pieces of tape attached to the glass piece of paper

Step 5: The Cat

i) engrave the outline of the cat with the electric engraver

Step 6: ..and the Name

l) engrave the outline of the letters

(controls the job several times on a black background)

Step 7: Fill the Letters

m) engrave the inside of the Letters and marked some contours of the cat. Once the glass washed, the result should be ok

Step 8: P.s.

I was thinking of building a small wooden boat and the glass piece (with its triangular shape) could be the Latin sail, but I was in a hurry to make my first instructable.

Step 9: P.s.s.

I hope that the result is better than my english!

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Needs a picture of the engraver so people understand how it's done. without the picture, it's confusing to find out if it's done with a sand blaster, acid, paint or diamond/carbide bit


    3 years ago

    also this is really beautiful for your first"bad" instructable.


    3 years ago

    I would just smooth out the rough and pointed edges. Glass cuts can be quite serious.