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I had an extra belt buckle from my belt being old and worn out.  I hated to get rid of the buckle. I did not have any leather, but have lots of old networking cable. I took basket weaving in the scouts years ago and thought I would never use it. We I had a chance to now use it and re-purpose some unneeded cable. Could of used different color cable or painted the finished product but did not. Eenjoy!

Step 1: Get the Materials.

You need 1 belt buckle and approximately 6 times around your waist in cable length. Error on the long side. You also need cable cutters to you turn the one long length into two pieces. Each piece will be 3 times around your waist. After this there should be no more cutting.

Step 2: Starting Off

You need to take the two cables and bend them in half. then take each one and loop into the belt buckle (not a coat hanger). Then you can start braiding.

Step 3: Going Along.

Keep braiding!

Step 4: Done.

Tie off the end and wear.

Step 5: Cat5 Bolo

You might also like this: cat5 bolo with working patch cable. Medallion is a dead AMD duron cpu.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Ohh, ohhh, oh!!  This could be nerdier!!!  Use the CAT5 connectors instead of the buckle.  But then how would you adjust it if you lost or gained weight?? 

    3 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That and the male ends would wear out quickly. Female ends are expensive. Might as well purchase a belt. I just wanted something that worked.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Neat! I like this idea.
    Could you show us how you tied off the end, and maybe one of it being worn?
    Fun project!

    1 reply

    Kind of private about my picture. You just thread the cable back through itself, just tie it off, or take a piece of metal and bend it over the ends. like most real belts do. I left that up to your imagination. As soon as I get my second belt done, I will show the whole thing including the ends with a piece of metal bent (crimped) over the ends.