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I just followed the instructions by G-squier to make a custom 3d Catan board that is a lot better than the old crappy cardboard one you get with the game. Please vote for me because this took a lot of work without a laser printer. I think it took 4-5 months and a ton of cuts to the fingers.

If I win I will use the laser printer to save my fingers from being chopped up by my scroll saw and make things for my family.

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Step 1: The Forest

I built the trees as little triangles because that is what a pine tree kinda looks like.

Step 2: Mountains

I built them like this because I they needed peaks and dips in it.

Step 3: Sheep

They are like this because they look like sheep.

Step 4: Wheat

These are wheat fields from up above.

Step 5: Clay

I built it as a dig with a crane on it to lift it out.

Step 6: Sand

I built It to look like sand doons.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I like your Instructable, I just got my board

    Thank you so much for sharing



    5 years ago

    There was a moment in my life that was my go to addiction game on the iphone. You did a nice job on recreating it. Perhaps you could elaborate on the process of how you got to the finished pieces.