Catch an Escaped Hamster With Surplus Electronics





Introduction: Catch an Escaped Hamster With Surplus Electronics

Hamster got loose?
Have a bunch of surplus elecronics?
Time for some Hamster Sensing Technology.

Step 1: Assumptions

This assumes...

The hamster is coming out at night and eating food left somewhere.

That big pile of misc electronic crap you have includes:
- Something that will sense a hamster.
- Something that will wake you up.
- Something that will interface between the hamster sensor and the waker upper.

Step 2: Hamster Sensor

What made this possible and REAL STINKIN' EASY was the opto detector some friends had given to me. I had a feeling that some day it would come in REAL STINKIN' HANDY.

Give it 12vdc power, it sends out some kind of light beam, something gets in the way and reflects the beam, it outputs 12v on the output. Simple.

Step 3: Waker Upper

I picked a flood light as the waker upper. Shined it where I expected my head to be later that night.

Step 4: Interface

Opto relay from some scrapped piece of test equipment. Input 3-32vdc and it will switch 120vac power. It was already wired in an extension cord and the hot wires insulated. Kind of sort of semi-safe*.

*WARNING - This is 120vac power and will kill you dead if it gets a chance. Also it should have a fuse. And a heat sink. And be in a box. And other stuff.

Step 5: Hook 'er Up

Place the Hamster Sensing Unit so it's looking at the food.
Connect 12vdc to the opto sensor.
Connect the Hamster Sensing Unit to the opto relay.
Run a long cord to the floodlight near your bed.

Step 6: Blink Blink Blink

Huh? What the...? Who's flashing the lights?
Oh yeah, hamster!
Get up and find hamster acting all Mr. Casual like.
Put in cage.



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    Always tought of something like that, but just leave the cage open in the ground with food. Hamsters come back home after a while if they can find their smell on it.
    Anyway, Nice and cheap setup good work!

    May I offer an easier answer (and I'm sorry it doesn't involve tech...) You need rodent food, a bucket, and a couple of bricks. The bucket can be any material as long as the rodent can't climb out of it. Stack the bricks to make steps to the rim of the bucket. Place a very small amount of food on the steps. Place a larger amount of food, with a carrot or peice of fruit in the bottom of the bucket. My family raised many different rodents to sell to pet stores when I was a kid and this was one of the best ways of getting the guys back...

    7 replies

    i did that to try to catch my hamster when it escaped and it chewed through the metal bucket 0.0 i have no clue how and i'm pretty sure it was her cuase she also chewed out of her steel cage.

    Damn! WTF kind of hamster did you have?
    that said, the one i had ages ago was pretty psychopathic. The little £"%$&£!%%&%&&%%&%&'d squirm and bite and would run around like mad.

    another way to do it is to have the bricks going up to the bucket, but instead of food at the bottom of the bucket, have a really thin tissue with holes punched around it (alot of holes, and a one ply tissue) then put the food on top of the tissue. when it climbs up the bricks to get the food, the tissue breaks (you can make a softer landing for it just by putting dtuff at the bottem of the bucket.

    Oh yeah just stick some food somwhere and whait the hamster will come. I'm not kiding.

    This would not work for my hamster shes way to clever and really really fast. She went under the floorboards when she escaped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wire my hamster's cage shut with a pipe cleaner so he does not get out.

    heres a pic of my 2 hamsters lazlo is on the left an speedy is on the right

    SPEEDY + LAZLO.bmp

    we dont need any electronics. our hamster basically has a bed under the sink. its like it has its own bedroom that it goes i at night and is them put back in the cage in the morning. is name is houdini because we have no idea how it gets out. just glad its not tempted to go outside

    *grin* This seems like work. I simply built a good relationship with my hamster, enough so that she would come when signaled. I let her run free on a regular basis in my room while I did my homework on the floor. Every now and then her little feet would scuttle over me. When I wanted to return her to her cage and terrarium (did you know hamsters like slugs?), I'd pat the floor, and she'd come running.

    Had a whole litter of semi-adult hammies organise a jailbreak on night. My terrier figured out that they were behind the bathroom cabinet, which was stuck to the wall. After taking the dog outside, I found the biggest cereal I could find, which was cheerios I think. Lo and behold, when the little guys came out later to investigate the food and packed it into their cheeks, they couldn't get through the tiny crack between furniture and wall :D

    lol. my old hamster ( i got a new teddy bear one today! ) use to escape out of her cage for a day or 2 just to have some wild fun and then she would walk into the living room where im watching tv or something and i'dd be all... " You're done huh? "