Catch It !!!




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It is a easy to make and fun to play game . Made from all day to day items(recyle old ones) and also DOESN'T COST you much .


Step 1: Supplies

1. Duct-Tape

2.CD/DVD Plastic Case

3.A pair of scissor

4.Empty refill (old pen )

5. 8-12 Rubber Bands

6. Table tennis ball

Step 2: Step 1-

Cover rubber band to the case as given in the photo . The rubber bands are to help in gripping the case.

Step 3: Step 2-

Create a sheet like structure with the help of tape , so that it is very tight and unstretchable and no sticky side is exposed (stick the glued side together ).

Step 4: Step 3-

Tape the above made sheet (of tape) with the CD case such that sheet is fully stretch when the case is half open as shown in the photo. And stick refill pieces to side so that to give support.

Step 5: Your Own Catch It!!!

Now either you can play it against the wall or make another one and play with friend.



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