Cater Creatures



CATER CREATURES:  James Horman age 45 (8/4/1967) - Horman Development LLC

Our belief is that this opportunity will not only create the Independence we are striving for, but that the business will have the highest probablity for returning success on Jack Daniels' investment.  That ROI is not taken lightly, and we will work tirelessly towards that goal.  We will also produce products to compliment Jack Daniels' products, including a line specifically themed for JD corporate events for the year to come.

Sure there is the first place prize money, but we want JD as our BUSINESS PARTNER!

Key Business Highlights:

 • Unique product package- currently no similar marketed product packages available
     Greeting card industry = $6 billion annual sales in the US alone
     Table accessories = low cost product offering is absent in the marketplace
 • Price point is easily within reach of the average event host/consumer
     Low cost / high value product package
 • Product application: every person in every country of the World
     Reach in the World market via direct & online sales
 • Events require Invitations, Theming & Jack Daniels
     This business alignes uniquely with Jack Daniels’ products
     Making Cater Creatures an ideal business partner for Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels partnership seed money use:
 • Themed Jack Daniels packages for demonstration at a Jack Daniels sponsored corporate event
 • Additional general theme packages for market testing



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