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While making catnip fortune cookies as part of a community service project my students are doing, I decided to change it up and add fishies as well. This project is incredibly easy and takes no time at all, you can churn out a couple fish in under an hour. A lot of the fish sides were made out of the felt scraps from the fortune cookies we made earlier this week.





Needle and thread

Heavy paper

Step 1: Pattern

I drew a fish onto heavy paper and then cut it out to use as a pattern. Each fish needs two sides unless you fold the felt and trace against the fold. I traced and cut out a bunch for my students to use tomorrow.

Step 2: Sew

Pick an end near the head and start sewing around the fish. I've found that short and close together stitches tend to look the best and stay relatively straight. For the fish in the pictures I used a different color felt and stuck them inside the fish as I was sewing.

Step 3: Stuff

When the fish is about 3/4 sewn up, I add the batting and some catnip. Put in more batting and catnip as needed.

Step 4: Close

Finish sewing the fish up and try hard to hide the knot inside the fish.

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    12 days ago

    Simple is good; so is cute!