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Some time ago I started a simple project, a cat scraper with a base in the shape of a cat or something similar, so another project arose, the scraper post for cats with shelves. I spent some time getting the materials since I should only spend as little money as possible, recycle as much as possible and spend all my ideas on its construction. I do not know how much time it really took me to gather all the materials, but the wait was not a problem, I only know that when the materials were ready, they appeared one after another and in a span of three months, I got them in the less indicated places ( except the roll of rope that I bought in a DIY store) to complete a list of basic components to carry out this project.


List of materials.

• 1 Pallet of 80 x 120 cm (in good condition) • 1 broken TV stand or one that looks like • ½ kilogram of cement • 1 kilogram of plaster • 1 kilogram of sand • 1 basin to make the cement mix with sand • 1 can of 500 ml synthetic paint (approximately) • 1 old sofa or one that is not used • 1 old scraper or old wooden box that can be reused • 1 sheet of plywood 50 x 50 cm (approximately) • 3 rugs 50 x 50 cm (approximately) • 1 tube 2.3 m long and 9 cm in diameter • 1 roll of rope 200 m long and 3.5 mm wide (approximately) • 2 cans of contact glue 200 ml • 1 can of carpenter's tail 200 ml • 1 roll of double-sided adhesive tape • 1 roll of bodybuilder's tape • 1 dozen screws 50 mm long (approximately) • 1 dozen screws 30 mm long (approximately) • 3 dozens of screws 10 mm long (approximately) • 12 wooden spikes 6 mm wide • 1 drill bit for wood 6 mm wide • 1 drill bit for 6 mm wide concrete • 1 electric or battery drill • 1 electric or battery jigsaw • 1 hot air gun 2000W • 1 battery screwdriver • 1 hand jigsaw • 4 clamps • 4 sergeants of 30 cm • 1 mass of plastic or rubber • 1 nail hammer • 1 pincer • 1 old large flat screwdriver • 1 brush • 1 old unused toothbrush • 1 lime • 1 scissor • 1 stiletto • 1 hammer • 1 small spatula or unused old knife • 1 pair of leather gloves

Step 1: Pallet Shelves

Looking for pallets, for example: in an industrial estate, on the outskirts of a shopping center, a carpentry shop, a small grocery store, etc. Then pallet is disassembled with the help of a clamp and a hammer to remove the nails, sanding all the woods that we will use, cutting and forming a shelf (using screws, spikes and carpenter's glue). I helped myself with an old coat rack that I found in the trash to make the supports of the shelves.

Step 2: TV Base With Cement

I used a metal / plastic base of a broken TV to form a stump to the base to support the tube with the string that will serve as a cat scratcher.

To form the base, you can get something similar to what I used: a strong enough and heavy wood, in my case use cement (to give weight to the base) and plaster (to mold a stump).

Step 3: Old Sofa

I used the old sofa that was in the corner where I'm going to mount the new cat scratcher. I completely dismantled it and took out the fabric that covered it since cats really like that fabric. You can use the fabric that seems most useful, for example: jeans, wool or rope. Case apart, the pieces of the sofa, I saved them for use in another Project (a sofa with corks from wine bottles).

Step 4: Old Scratcher Bucket

I spent one of the parts of an old cat scratcher, you can use a box of wood, plastic or pressed cardboard. The bucket had a blue woolen cloth, which I removed and put a piece of the lining of the old sofa that I had.

Step 5: Plumbing Pipe

Get a tube long enough or one that is the taste of cats, I think you can buy it at a DIY store. I got this tube (almost 2.3 m) thrown on a beach and in very good condition, this tube fit like a glove. It was what I had been waiting for a long time.

Step 6: Rope

Rope! I bought it at a DIY store, € 18, is the only thing I had to invest my money. You can use carpets, esparto, etc.

Winding the rope took me about 3 and a half hours, the length of the tube I used was 2.3 m and I spent approximately 200 m of 3 mm rope.

Step 7: Upper Base

For this piece, you can use a piece of wood according to the thickness of the tube with the rope and that is twice the section of the tube. I used a piece of beam from the ceiling that was left over and that I had stored in the cellar of the house.

Step 8: Assembly

This is the part that I like the most, it is when the ideas are reflected and all the hours invested bear fruit.

In this case, I asked for help from a friend to give me her feminine opinion of how she could place all the pieces.

Step 9: Final

To enjoy!

Step 10: Extra

As a finishing touch, you can add more details to the "cat corner". I had a cat scratcher that I made a couple of years ago, I call it "the totem" it is very useful as a trunk and scraper at the same time. Later I will add more things so that my cats enjoy their corner.

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    11 days ago

    "Nobody puts baby in the corner" jk looks nice.


    16 days ago

    Looks like your cats are very happy about this little corner you've created for them. :)

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    Reply 15 days ago

    Thanks for your comment, it’s my first time here and my cats are glad like me for receive this comments!!!!