Cat's Eye Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial



Introduction: Cat's Eye Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial

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Just wanted to show you all a really simple but classy looking bracelet. in minutes, you'll be able to finish a beautiful piece.

Materials & Tools:
Eye pins
Bead Caps
Cat's Eye Beads
Toggle Lock
Round nose pliers
Wire cutter
Flat nose pliers

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Step 1:

Slide in a bead cap, followed by a cat's eye bead into an eye pin.

Step 2:

Bend your eye pin at 90 degrees and cut approximately 0.5 inch then make a loop using your round nose pliers.

Step 3:

Create several units of cat's eye beads, enough to make a bracelet and then link the units.

Step 4:

When you have enough, attach the clasps.

Step 5:

You're done! As simple as 123 :-) Hope you like it guys ♥

I have more detailed pictures that you can follow posted on my blog and on

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