Cats Dont Use My Garden As a Toilet!




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Cats away technology

Another perennial problem I have, is every time I dig the garden over or prepare a seed bed the local cats decided its fair and nice of me to have created a litter box for them and go head and leave me delight little surprises...

Fortunately for them I live with a cat lover or there would be some very happy plants in my garden!, so it came to pass with this fate hanging over their heads that the lady of the house found a way to keep all sides happy....

Step 1: You Will Need

1) Find a bamboo bush (picture 2) -or other similar plant with bushy twiggy branches.
2) Time... time to let the life go out of the bushy twiggy bits .. so they dont assume you are trying to grow them and duely root
3) a pruning saw and hand cutters

Step 2: Sneak Up on Your Bamboo Patch

For this instructable we use bamboo - cause its a really cool plant with so many uses and we are lucky or unlucky enough to have a growth of it in the garden which keeps on invading our potato patch and making a pest of its self generally.... until we want some nice strong wood that is.

So select a length and hack it out, then work along it and cut off all the little branchlets, (see Image 3) further cutting each branchlet in to 30cm lengths

(dont discard the main stem - let it dry off - they have a mirad of uses from wicker fences ( will post that one soon - to tomatoe poles...)

You could use really any plant that has prickly bushey branches.. cats just love some where soft and warm to put their soft bottoms.. if its not soft they wont go there...

Step 3: Move on Those Cats!

Simply take the brachlets - let them dry off so they dont even think about putting down roots and taking over your garden bed, wait till they are brown and snappy basically...

Then plant them in your garden space about a cats bottom apart, more thickly around the out side. And they just wont bother...

Once your plants have taken over you can whip them out and dry up in a nice bundle for next time you have exposed earth.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    The strays are not going/pooping on my plants but laying in them. My neighbor suggested putting plastic forks in my planters and I did they just trampled them down They have had 5 kittens in my shed. Crimy. They've close to kill 4 of my plants. I purchased about a 10 little fence to put around my planters and they jump over them to lay in my herbs and grasses. I put red pepper in it today will find out tomorrow if they have been there.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    human urine might be useful where you come from, but quite apart from its useful ness as a weed spray when not fresh, in the city its not generally thought well of for one to walk around peeing in the garden, not to mention the smell of rank ruin... yep i have thought about it - would rather stick to this method if its all the same.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I put a thick layer of mulch in mine and have no probs with the cats or dogs bothering. It holds the water in for the plants and the cats don't want to dig that much to find a toilet. It also breaks down and adds more organic material to my raised beds.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    yes i agree but its not such a good plan while you are waiting for seeds to come up or seedlings to grow up:=-)


    This is also a great solution if you have birds who like to eat your garden goodies (berries, pea shoots). Keeps those pesky winged friends out of your garden!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I put down bird block netting that I bought at Orchard Supply Hardware for less than $10...make sure to get some u-stakes to hold it down...$3 for a pack of 25. Lay it over your flower bed, stake it down and trust me, your cats won't be interested. It's not as much fun scraping around when they're getting their claws caught in the netting. It's 100% safe and it allows your flowers the opportunity to grow. Good luck!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I used to struggle with cats messing up my garden too - I found that using an ultra sonic cat deterrent, some lion poo and security strips on the fence sorted it.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    thank you, it sure had me puzzled for a while, allthough it would be great to find a less labour intensive way!