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Introduction: Cat's Playground - House

About: Hi everyone! I'm David, coming from small city in (also) small country called Croatia. I'm attending 2nd class of secondary school. I am running a local DIY site which also sells components all over a Croat...

In my free time, I love to make things, so i decided to share some of that with you.

This is instructable for a cat's playgorund, actually toy, but i called it on other way. This toy is designed to have one entrance and one exit.
I thing its good instructable because it's have a lot of pics, and all is good explained, but on an other side bad because of my little mistake and awkwardness.

If you like working with wood, you like tools, you are patient, persistent, you have a pet-cat, this is just for you.

Problem may be that all measures are in centimeters(cm). That is a measure using in my area, so you will must
find a solution.

Few tips before starting..
*Make you working table/bench always clear and free space to work with material.
decrees with things, tools and wood remains.
*Be dangerous of all sharp tools, to net get injured, expecially od drill and saw.
*After every cutting, grind all sharp edges, all is not flat.
*You know other saftey and other tips, so let's start!

All pictures are taken in my basement, where is my workshop, so please be objectionable.

Please note I'm 14, so my english is not so good.I sometimes used Google Translate and always Grammar check..

And.. Visit my page!

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

What we will need? I tried to make some list, but there is always some little helpful thing or tool... So, it's only "for known". There are in steps also some material and tool pictures..

I made hiperlinks of pics for better managing.

*Aku drill
*Grinder or Abrasive Paper

You can find pictures separatelyin next steps.

*Plywood - I used black one - Most important thing
*Small nails - About 2 cm long - Dosen't important
*Screw with a sharp peak - About 7 cm long - Dosen't important
*Wood screw and heritage
*Old waterproof pants
String for chiken - may use some another one..
*3cm fat wood

Step 2: A Draft

Very important thing! You always have to got some draft, or sketch by you working your any project.
This is not a real draft, i to shame to put my own, so i use real picture.
So, here is us one(Down there, in pictures).

You see some number, here is explanation. I putted final photo, so you can watch parallel and compare:
- Tunnel
*2 - There are + and - = + is biger box, and - is smaller box.
*3 - Hole for exit
*4 - Pole
*5 - I used to call this a shape, is made from fat wood.
*6 - Door

Dimensions of parts(centimeters):
100 cm=1 m
Dimensions will be seen step by step, while we cutting it.
Maybe is not so practically, but the point is to dimensions be written by hand, not be printed. You can make it by yourself :)

Step 3: Cutting - 2+ and 2-

Part are 2+ and 2-.

Dimensions are:
*2+ = 30x30 cm
*2- = 26.6x26.6cm

So, just a little bit smaller.

So, let's cut it. We will need 6 pieces(roof, floor, and 4 walls). When we cut it, and grinder it, of course check the sizes. Don't be lazy to cut it again if is not OK, it will look better. Standard tolerance is 3 mm (10 mm=1 cm), so 0.3 cm.

Step 4: Putting It Together - 2+

We are going to make a box from a plywood.. We use small nails, that we put on sides of wood and hammer them into other one. Pictures will help you.

Now, making roof and floor. Word floor, ignore it, that is going later.
Let's concentrate on roof. This toy is designed to have one entrance and one exit. So, that roof is the exit. Then, make it nice, make it creative.
I cutted something weard, but its OK. When you done it, you can put it on the box.
Then, make a hole for a tunnel.. Big enough to cat may pass by it, but small to hole don't see when we make tunnel.

One more, DO NOT put the floor, because we have one addon.. After about that..

Step 5: Putting It Together - 2-

Same like par 2+, but before we put it together, we must make door, picture, big enough. Then, also hole for a tunnel.. You must make it on a left side of door.. On this part, you can put immediately floor and roof.

That part is finish, put it on a side.

Step 6: Climbing Toy Part

This is a part, it should be, for climbing...
We make it from pole and 3cm fat wood. Cut up pole at size you thing its best, little smaller them my, about 1 meter(100 cm).
Then take a 3cm wood, and cut it up at creative shapes, as in a picture. We need 2 of them. A open, hole, on their end should be fatness of the pole. Cut that up.
Make four small cubes about 2x2cm... Take the made shapes, put them on desired height, put two cubes between and with pen mark where cubes should stay. Take wood screw, drill it though cube of wood, on the middle.. Put the screw, drill it with aku drill in right place. Right place is between two lines of marker, pen. After you put both of them, put shapen wood between two cubes. It should stay.. Hope pictures will help you, huh, here are most of them.

Step 7: Climbing Toy Part - Continued

Now take wood screw and heritage, same on the pics.
Drill holes, I made two because of balance..
It should be straight, watch pics!

Step 8: Tunnel - Making

Here is no dimenzions. Now we need String for chicken and tongs. You can use some other wire, string, but with this one is the most easier.
If it's too long, cut it up with tongs, like I did it. Then, take rope and bind it in three or four places.
Then, take a old pants who do not leak the wather. Cut up one trouser and put binded string in that trouser. You can use hot glue gun if you have it to make it stronger. Then, half of trouser is empty and its hang down. Take it and squeeze it at that way there is no visible string. Again, use hot glue gun, i didn't(On pics).

Then, connect it with one box(on your choice) with small nails.

Step 9: And You Are Done!

You are done.. Be proud. Down are some more pictures.
Because of black plywood, i don't painted it.. You should..
Hope you like this Instructable.. I take a lot of work and time.. But i liked it, this is my hobby..

Thanks for every read, comment, rate..

Untill next Instructable, hope very soon.


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    We are in process of making wire shelving cat tunnels all over the utility room over the cupboards. Is there some place on here to request help with ideas or is there someway to request hey, i want an outdoor litterbox? help!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Pretty good!  Are you going to add carpeting to the boxes, tunnel, and "tree"?

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Yap, I alreday added some kind of soft carpet to boxes and tunnel.. On "tree", no.. I will be to heavy, it's heavy right now.. But thanks on good comment!