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Introduction: Caveman Curd - Lovely Lemon Curd

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When our poor old caveman craved something sweet, what choices did he have? Well not many, Honey, Molasses, sugar from beet or cane or a beautiful cavegirl!.

So what if he wanted something with more Zing!!


This recipe makes about 3 decent sized jars as shown

Step 1: Gather Supplies and Essentials

So we have:-

A Double Pan (you can use a bowl on a pan if you don't own one)

A Grater

A Lemon Squeezer


Wooden Spoon


6 Eggs

4 Lemons

1 lb Sugar

6 oz Butter


Step 2: Beat the Eggs

Crack the 6 eggs on a jug and beat.

Sieve into the double pan

Step 3: Zest and Add the Lemons

Zest the lemons (don't take the pith)

Squeeze the juice and add the zest and juice to the eggs

Step 4: Add Sugar

Weigh and add the granulated sugar

Step 5: Add Butter and Cook

Chop up butter and add

Cook in double pan until all sugar and butter has melted and lemon curd starts to thicken. It will start to stick to the spoon when it is ready (about 20 mins)

Step 6: Heat/Sterilise Jars

Heat some clean jars in a warm oven

Decant Lemon Curd into them

Let cool and eat!!

For longer life keep this in the fridge



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    13 Discussions

    sorry about the name, but everything I tried was already used, and after about 10 different names I became a little stifled and just put this and NO ONE HAD IT! Shazam!

    1 reply

    It's good on toast but also good in lemon meringue pies and lemon cup cakes etc . You use it like jam

    That looks delicious but the lemons seems very huge to me. Here we can only get small ones (medium/large egg size) so do I need to use more lemons?

    3 replies

    I used 2 very large lemons as we were given them (and I never pass up free stuff!!!) but have written the ible for normal sized ones. So use 4 normal lemons.

    Can blue bonnet margarine be used in place of butter?

    yes it could but use a little less as it is greasier and will not set as well. also to aid setting add an extra egg yolk. by the way recent studies have suggested that butter is healthier for you than margerine (natural fat v artificial)

    softball sized lemons! did not know they grew so big! I defenetly need to try this recipe out I voted for you too!

    1 reply

    Thanks - the lemons were my favourite price too! lol