Cd Hiding Spot

Introduction: Cd Hiding Spot

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I have made a bunch of these although I don't hide anything in them I make them when i get bored. Just hook the wires up to a 9volt battery to open and close you can put this in your computer to make it look real and add a reed switch or something to it but i wont because i have limited space in my computer.
Computer Cd drive
power cord for the CD drive
electrical tape

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Step 1: Taking It Apart

Take off all the screws on the case off. Then pop off the two covers on the front off take the skinny tray cover off first. Then push the tray back in. Now Pop off the top metal cover to expose the CD tray. Then depending on the CD drive there is a solder board unplug the wires on that and pull it off without damaging it. Now pop off the laser assembly and pull the wires attached to the motor up carefully.

Step 2: Hook Up the Motor

Find the right two wires and add a few inches extensions on each wire. And tuck the PC board in the area where it should go and put the large solder board back in its place with the two wires sticking out the hole where they were before. Tape the wires down and solder or tape them two any two connections where the power cord goes. I chose the two farthest apart because it is easiest but that is up to you.tape the wires down so they don't get in the way when you put the case back on.

Step 3: Puting It Back Together and Test It

Put the metal case on then put the two plastic cases on. Finally put the bottom on and screw it on. Now to test to see i it works. Get a nine volt battery no more because the motor is a 5vdc. And apply power two the wires that connect to the leads you chose for the motor.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Well when you apply power it opens and when you reverse the polarity's it closes. You can put it into your computer or leave it lying around. You could even make a controller that plugs in its for you to imagine whet to do with it.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Umm... Whats with the "You Can Make" stuff? Of course, we know we could make it. But in case you're unaware... the last I checked, this site is called "Instuctables". I'm pretty sure that means "You Make It" then show us how we can make it too. However based on this Instructable, One could get the impression this site is called "Thinkables". Meaning... "So, here's an idea I had, but since I have no idea how to do it. I'll just post the concept and, uh You can make it. Uhhhh, Yeah!"


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Just gut the interior and put the faceplate back on and you can hide lots of suff inside one of these.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Oh my b I was still new to making instructables.