Ceiling Fan Stash

Introduction: Ceiling Fan Stash

If your looking for a quick and easy short term stash to hide money, keys, flash drives or anything small. On most ceiling fans that have a single glass bowl there is a small decorative cover that covers the bolt that holds the glass. There is space under this small cover to stash small things.

Step 1: Warning

Warning most ceiling fans have a nut that holds the glass after you remove the decorative nut and cover, but not all fans so be careful and hold the glass to be safe.

Step 2: Remove Decorative Cover

Remove the decorative nut and cover.

Step 3: Place Items

Place your items inside the decorative cover, remember do not block the holes for the bolt and the chain. I recommend putting tape on any items in this stash to keep them from rattling while the fan is on.

Step 4: Replace Decorative Cover

Replace the decorative cover and remember to put the chains back in place or you might give your stash up.

Step 5: Enjoy

Enjoy knowing your stash is safe for a short period of time. Just remember that eventually a light bulb will burn out and someone will have to change it.

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