Ceiling Fixture With CDs & DVDs




Introduction: Ceiling Fixture With CDs & DVDs

We want to present you to the universe of products that all objects hides. We show here simple, c...

After a long period of holidays  and a lot of conversation to organize this new moment of VOQ, we are back, bringing new awesome projects to stimulate creativity, handwork and a different view about objects we buy. In this new post we will learn how to make a beautiful ceiling fixture with discarded CDs and DVDs. We will start using our acrylic discs like modules, giving life to objects using overlap. It´s a common technique used in arts, architecture and design, originating great ideas.

Check the step-by-step of how to make it in VOQ blog: http://www.viraroque.blogspot.com/

We show there simple, creative and easy-to-do products that you can make whit the old objects that you have in your house. So you can renew and recreate your space without spending money.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes! Check the step by step in the blog's page www.viraroque.blogpot.com
    There you can see how is the diffuser and how to make it!