Celebrating Pi Day! How to Make a Pi Candle



Introduction: Celebrating Pi Day! How to Make a Pi Candle

Celebrating Pi Day can be even more fun!
Especially, if you just turned 3.14!
I'm Pi today!

Step 1:

It's easy and very simple! 
And all you need is few household items...

Board - candle base
Pliers - use them to pull out a candle wick (safe it for your new Pi candle)
Use scissors (if you don't have xacto knife) to cut paper

Step 2:

Cut strip of paper and bend it to create a Pi shape.

Step 3:

Tape your mold to the board. Make sure there is no gaps.
Add a previously disassembled candle wick to the middle of your mold.

Step 4:

Melt the candle in your double boiler and pour it into a mold.
Let it sit until it's fully hardened.

Step 5:

Take out from the mold and your candle is almost ready!

Step 6: * Optional

Add colors to your candle using different color candles.

Step 7:

Place on your favorite pie and celebrate the Pi Day or surprise someone you know just turned 3 years and 14 weeks etc...

Happy Pi Day!

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