Celebrity Inspired Dramatic Eyes (Smokey Eyes)

Introduction: Celebrity Inspired Dramatic Eyes (Smokey Eyes)

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http://www.styleunited.com/TipsAndTrends/article/Celebrity-Inspired-Dramatic-Eyes  For a sexy, smokey, celebrity-inspired eye, try these easy tips. And don't be scared of black eyeshadow, it can be your friend.


1. Moisturizer: Apply a small dab of moisturizer, such as Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum, around the eye area to give yourself the lifted eye look.

2. Eye Primer: Apply some eye primer or concealer to your eyelid.  If you use concealer it will cancel out any redness in addition to prepping the eyelid for makeup. We recommend CoverGirl Invisible Concealer.

3. Eye Shadow: Apply the silver color from CoverGirl's Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Shadows in Drama Eyes to your eyelid with the fat part of the makeup applicator. Next, apply the cranberry color in the crease of the eye and a little bit above. Finally, apply the black eyeshadow with the pointy end of the applicator in a V shape on the outside corner of your eye, fading into the crease and along the lash line for the desired level of drama.

4. Eye Liner: Apply eyeliner such as CoverGirl's Liquiline Eyeliner starting in the middle of your lash line working your way out and then in. Also apply eyeliner to your bottom waterline.

5. Mascara: Pull CoverGirl's LashBlash Fusion through your eye lashes on the top and the bottom to complete the look.

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