Celing Light to Desk Lamp

Introduction: Celing Light to Desk Lamp

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Step 1: Find an Old Celing Light Fixture

I found a light fixture when my parents bought a new house, they were remodelling so I took the scraps.

Step 2: Find a Bass

The light fitting is obviously suited for hanging from the celing, you need to find a solid base for it to be secure. I found some chipboard in my loft.

Step 3: Coating the Base

I used some bronze metallic paint for the base board. Making wavey patterns to reflect the light.

Step 4: Wiring

I used an existing plug and switch from a lava lamp that was damaged in the move, drilling a hole through the base and out the top so the wire could be fed through, my connections were a brown and blue from the plug and switch to a blue and grey, using wiring blocks to connect all connections.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Using 2 screws to lock in place, the lamp is nearly complete. Just testing to go.

Step 6:

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