Cell Phone Hologram

Introduction: Cell Phone Hologram

everyone wants to be iron man like Tony stark with the huge hologram displays

This tutorial shall help u make 1 for your smart phone

Step 1: Hologram Frame

u will need to view the pics and identify ur need according to the size of ur screen

Then cut it out on a plastic cd case or some thin glass or acrylic sheet

Then make a pyramid like structure using tape or hotglue or some better adhesive in order to keep it bound

I have made of s glass as well as cd case and u can see the size difference

One is for cell phone and the glass one is for laptop screen

Step 2: Display

I suggest u 2keep some transparent plastic sheet if using the glass pyramid cause it MAY damage the screen

But till now it hasn't

U can refer to the earth pic above and also there r several live hologram videos online

U have to place the pyramid upside down as shown in the image

Each trapezonal face facing towards each image

The small square should be exactly in the middle



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    Yeah temporarily

    So do you just set it on your phone?