Cell Phone Mount

For this mod I used a cheep selfie stick as the actual holder and adapted it to fit into my coffee cup holder.

The second item I used was a juice blend bottle as the holder in the coffee holder After cutting a hole in the bottom juice bottle the selfie stick can be placed in the bottle I used removable Mounting putty on the top of the opening of the juice bottle to stabilize the mount I came up with this Mod so both the selfie stick and the Coffee cup holder can still be used and moved I was sick of buy phone holders that would fall off my window

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Step 1: Selfie Stick in Bottle

Step 2: Bottle With a Hole in the Bottom

Step 3: Bottle Mounted in Coffee Cup Holder

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    11 months ago

    That is nice. By mounting it to a cup you can literally have a stand anywhere. Very clever.