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Introduction: Cell Phone Tripod Adapter

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I recently replaced my cell phone. The previous cellphone, (a Samsung Galaxy S3) has a severely cracked screen, but is otherwise functional. I now use it as an alarm clock and as a camera.

The camera in the S3 is one of the best available. The HDR feature is especially nice, but requires that the device be held steady. It usually takes 2-3 tries to hold it steady enough to get a good picture.

This instructable will document making an inexpensive adapter to allow the old phone to be mounted on a standard camera tripod.

Note: The screen was "Repaired" as described in gorilla tape's u-tube video: https://youtu.be/iS9YYUfBHwE


• Old phone
• Spare case for phone.
• Steel angle bracket (16 gauge, legs about as long as the phone is wide)
• Sticky backed Velcro (I like the industrial variety)
• 1/4-20 threaded Knob.

Notes on the above:

The current case on my phone was a gift, and i don't want to cover the R2D2 motif with velcro.

1/4-20 thread is standard for tripods. I got the Knob at a local hardware store. I am not sure there is a metric equivalent.


Layout tools...
• scribe
• carpenters square
Way to make 1/4 inch dia hole...
• 1/4 inch drill bit
• drill press or hand drill and vice
• file to debur edges of hole

Step 1: Angle to Tripod Interface

The Tripod has a 1/4-20 bolt on it's mounting surface. My angle did not come with a corresponding hole.

• Make a hole on the shorter leg of the angle that will provide a clearance fit to the bolt.

• Attach the angle to the tripod using the 1/4-20 knob.

Step 2: Phone Case to Angle Interface.

I use Velcro a lot. Choosing which side to put the "hooks" on in an important decision. The side with the hooks will stick to other things besides the loops. This can be a good thing. This can also be a bad thing. I've had Velcro adhere to sweaters, furniture, and carpet.

In this case, I am opting to put the hooks on the Case and the fuzzy side on the angle. The reason for this has nothing to do with this Instrictable.

Whichever you choose...

• Attach one Velcro strip to the outer surface of the upright leg.

• Attach the opposite Velcro strip to the back of the phone case.

• Test sticking the case to the angle in both portrait and landscape orientation.

Step 3: Install the Phone and Take Some Pictures.

• Remove the phone from it's case.

• Carefully install the phone in the adapter case.

• Focus And Shoot!

NOTE: You can reverse direction of the camera and use the phone for a photo booth.


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    2 years ago

    Cool. I have a 3 HTC 3D camera phones just sitting around. Now, to find cases!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea! I have so many old phones that just sit there in my desk drawer. There are so many great ideas for things to do with them.