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Introduction: Cell Phone Protection Pouch

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I have a nokia cellphone. They are considered indestructible but their screens aren't made from diamond so they collect scratches since my bunch of keys has increased in size drastically the last year I thought it was time to stop the damage before the screen went unreadable. So I made this. Since I couldn't find an instuctable of this, I will make one of how I made it. There must be several ways to do it but this is what I made of it.

The pouch will protect you cellphone against sharp objects that company the phone in you pocket, it won't protect it against major collisions (bumping into a table corner or throwing it at the car of your ex won't guarantee a safe landing for the phone). It will stop the phone from ejecting it's battery upon landing.
The pouch has a automatic closing system build in.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

• I made my pouch from an old jeans, but almost every other fabric will work just as well.
• Your phone or the measurements, but then it will get very complicated very fast, just use the phone itself to determine how much fabric is needed.
• Scissors
• Though but bendable plastic
• Yarn and needle
• A sewing machine, I prefer a machine, but I know enough people who prefer hand sewing. Parts of this project were also done by hand.

Step 2: Step 1: Making the Pouch.

Every phone has other dimensions so this part you have to figure out a little bit for yourself. I made a very basic design.
• Fit the phone on the fabric fold it over the phone and mark where to cut and sew.
• It's always safer to make it bigger than necessary. You can always make it smaller but if it's to small you'll have to start over.
• Sew the two layers to each other ad cut off the excess fabric. But leave enough fabric to place the plastic
• Fold the pouch inside out and check if it has the right dimensions. You can always make it smaller
• If the dimensions are right you can cut the pieces of plastic so it's a tight-fitting in the pouch, and they close the pouch. Make sure there are no sharp edges on the plastic that can damage the fabric.
• Sew the little pockets shut with the plastic pieces inside.
• The opening should now act like in the last two pictures, if it doesn't you've done something wrong, or my explanation isn't so clear as I wanted.

Step 3: Finished

Now my phone can last a few years longer. I hope I sparked some good ideas with you! Good luck!

I excuse myself for any spelling mistake that might occurred, English is not my native language. But please correct me if I typed something wrong, we're all here to learn.

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