Cellphone Chrome Game

Recently i had posted the same game to be played in desktop. Today i will show you how to play this in cellphone for timepass when network goes down

Step 1: How to Play?

NOTE : This can be played only when network goes otherwise turn off your internet connection

First of all open Google chrome

Then open any website while their is no internet connection no website will open because of no internet connection and a message will appear there is no internet connection and a image of dinosaur. Next, double tap the screen, game will start automatically

Step 2: Instructions to Play

It is very easy to play, first of all open the game like shown in above steps.

To play the game just tap the screen and make the high score.



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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    haha i play this game the whole time when my internets down, it is quite addictive after a while...:)


    2 years ago

    Wow! Lol