Cellphone Tri-pod

Introduction: Cellphone Tri-pod

This is a equipment to make/take photos with a stand. This is a planning while making process. If you are not comfortable with that please make plans or blueprints before making. That will be the best for you. And have fun!

Step 1: Materials

You'll need some popsicle sticks (any type of your desire) a square small piece of paper (I used a size of a post-it) cardboard (I'm planning it while I go so this might be optional) and tape. And a Cellphone Stick.

Step 2: Measuring

Take post-it paper and measure it in the edge of the handle where it stops. Then tape it

Step 3: Place Popsicle Sticks to Post-it

Get your popsicle stick and place a stream of hot glue but do not put glue all the way to the end of the popsicle stick. Do that till the end

Step 4: Make the Stand

Cut edges on popsicle stick that would stand on the table cut edges for both sides but make one side that would stand on the table and one edge that would stick on the handle part. To make the stand put 5 edged on top of each other. Then cover it on the sides of the 5 popsicle stick like the third image. Repeat this for 2-3 times!

Step 5: Connecting the Stand

Your are almost done! Just place two popsicle stick together to connect it with the legs to the handle part. Place it like the 2nd pic. Repeat that with the other hands.

Step 6: Conclusion

You did it you've made a popsicle stick tripod! I know we didn't use the cardboard because I was planning while I was doing it. If you are having trouble planning while making. Make blueprints or plans before making. Have fun make/take pics or videos!

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