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This is a spin-off tutorial for my Angel and Demon Wings Pendant; I really liked my design for the angel wing part and decided that connecting two of them would result in a lovely butterfly. Thus, I began the task of making the wings, connecting them, and marveling at the result. It was gorgeous enough to warrant its own separate project, so here it is!

To see another butterfly pendant design, see this link. It functions as both pendant and bookmark!

Step 1: Materials

  • wire (I used 20 and 28 gauge silver-coated copper wire.)
  • pliers
  • necklace chain and jump ring (just make jump rings from your wire)

Step 2: Top of Wing

Begin by making a small circle and then rolling it. Make a small point (shown in third picture) and another spiral around the first circle. Form a loop to mark the tip of the wing, and curve the wire back down along an invisible representation of what would be a spine for the butterfly.

Step 3: Middle of Wing

Make another loop as shown in the first picture. For the next part, you'll have wire spirals intersecting each other so it'll be tricky (to some degree..).

Bring the wire up and under a spiral as shown in the third picture above. Then bring the wire back down.

Step 4: Bottom Part

Make another loop shown in the first picture. Then bring the wire down in a curve to outline the bottom section of the wing. After making a loop to mark the top of the wing's bottom half, cut the wire short (leave about an inch).

Step 5: Completing Bottom Part

Tuck the cut edge as shown in the first picture so that yet again, two spirals intersect. Curl the cut end into a circle before making a spiral that's similar to the one in the top part of the wing.

Step 6: Second Wing

For this wing, the steps are basically the same EXCEPT that you want this to be a mirror image; thus, the wire overlaps must be in the correct orientation. See the above pictures for where you'll need to make small changes.

Step 7: Connect Wings to Body + Antenna

Use your wire to form a simple antenna (spirals at each end of the wire) and body. Then grab thinner wire to connect the wings to the body.

Step 8: Attaching and Finished

String one of the top loops through a jump ring and then add a necklace chain to complete your pendant. You're now done (and hopefully pleased with the result)!

Again, here's the link for the companion tutorial.

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2 years ago

What a beautiful idea . I'm going to make one for my wifes birthday. Just have to source the wire.

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Reply 2 years ago

Hope it goes/went well! Wire is usually pretty cheap (~$3) from standard craft stores, or you can harvest from old electrical wires.


4 years ago

I'm definitely going to make this. I have a couple of birthday presents coming up, and I'd like to do this for them. Any estimate on how much wire is required?

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Ooh have fun! The wire required really depends on how big you want the butterfly; for mine, which is about as tall as two quarters, I'd say that I used about 6-8" per wing. To avoid the need to cut out wire to work with and possibly not have enough to finish, just work with the whole spool of wire as long as possible.


4 years ago

I absolutely love this! I made one your way and then made one with double winds!

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Nice! It looks gorgeous. ;)

By the way, check your inbox: I've sent you a three-month pro membership code. I'm glad to see your product from following my tutorial, and I hope you had a ton of fun!

Oh WOW! Indeed it is; nice job! :)

By the way, check your inbox: I've sent you a three-month pro membership code. Thanks for following my tutorial, and I hope you had a ton of fun!