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About: Hi, my name is Rob. My screen name and my website name: beeldighout means something like cute wood. I am humble enough to know that my work isn't art. But it is cute enough to like it.

I was inspired of of celticknots and I drew a few curly lines. I wondred if it was possible to make this in 3D.

You can watch the video to see how I made it. have fun

Step 1: Drawing and Woodwork

I made the drawing again on a piece of meranti wood and started with drilling two holes wiht a 40mm forstner drillbit.
than blocking off the pieces with a handsaw. After that the hardwork started wiht chisels and Gouges. while cutting in the wood I tried to keep drawing intact by drawing the lines over and over again.

In the end finishing with a grater and sanding the almost ready sculpture.

At last putting some clear lacquer on.

Step 2: Stone Cutting

From our vacation in Wales we took some pieces of slate with us. One piece I cut a 90 degrees off with my tilesaw and began sanding with 400 grit waterproof sandingpaper. Drilling a 4mm hole and screw it all together.

Step 3: Finished

I hope you guys like my first entry to Instructables



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    2 years ago

    Beautiful work!


    2 years ago

    Very interesting sculpture! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!