Celtic Table Tray




About: A 3D Modelling CADD guy who likes to build stuff.

A little table tray for putting food on.

Step 1: Starting

Take a pallet, remove the planks and then cut them down to whatever size you want.

Step 2: Cutting

Cut the wood into a circular pattern, then screw them together at the back side.

Step 3: Sanding

Sand it down.

Step 4: Design

This used a wood burning tool. First draw the design on with a pencil, so you just have to trace overtop.

Step 5: Finishing

Finish it up with stain, and then do whatever else you want to do to it depending on how you want it to look. For this one, a blowtorch was taken to it to give a darkened look to the pattern, and then again the blowtorch was taken around a piece of metal to create a flower like design in the center.



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