Centimane’s purpose is to aid with any and all tasks around the house. Not only does this robot clean, move cumbersome items, organize, and take care of the house, it also has the ability to be upgraded to do anything imaginable. Because of Centimane’s ability to store 24 attachments in its torso, any unique tool designed for one of the three versatile limbs can be placed in a slot, and Centimane gains the ability to use it. Whether that's a serving tray for dinner parties, a leash attachment for walking the dog, or a drill for helping in the garage, Centimane is capable of doing it all. It moves around using two motor controlled wheels on each leg that allow it to cross thresholds and small lips present in everyday homes. As an added ability of the balance system required these wheels, Centimane can also stand up to reach tall places and crouch down to about waist height to store itself away somewhere designated in your home. Centimane’s head houses all of its navigation and vision systems, insuring that each movement it makes is careful and precise. Using its revolving torso and three powerful arms, Centimane is designed to make life easier, and help any way it can. The possibilities of Centimane’s uses are endless, and this versatile robot is the perfect addition to any home.

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