Ceramic Platters


Introduction: Ceramic Platters

Materials needed for this project:




Cleaning tool/Clay knife (anything that can be used to cut into the clay)


Roller/Rolling pin (necessary to create a slab)

Low fire glaze (or glaze of your choosing)

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Step 1: Come Up With an Idea!

Use pinterest, google, and other websites to find ideas. These platters don't have to be a specific geometric shape, but can range from cartoon characters to animals.

Step 2: Roll a Slab

The slab should be smooth and even throughout

Step 3: Tracing and Cutting Out Your Design

For this step you can either print out a design or trace it free hand. Once the design is traced you can start cutting the design out of the clay. Save the remainder of your slab you will need it later!

Step 4: See Description

For this step you will need paper and the left over slab. Take the remaining slab and begin to cut strips out of it (image 1). After this begin cutting paper into strips and use the paper to outline the edge of the design. After outlining the design with paper place the strips on top of the paper (image 3).

Step 5: Creating the Platter

At this point the platter should have strips of clay outlining the design. (image 1) there should be a small space between the edge of the clay and the strip of clay. This is necessary because this is what will make your design dip into a platter. Place another canvas board on top of your platter and gently flip it over.

Step 6: Making the Platter Shape

Use a wet sponge to outline the inner shape of the platter where the strips are. The clay strips will allow you to use the sponge to make the shape of the platter you desire.

Step 7: Allow the Platter to Dry

Allow the platter to dry with the strips on the bottom of the platter. When the platter dries the base should dip down into the platter shape.

Step 8: Now Your Platter Is Complete!

It's time to get creative again and paint your platter! Once the platter is fired your project is complete!

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