Epilog Challenge: Ceramic Seedling Pot Maker





Introduction: Epilog Challenge: Ceramic Seedling Pot Maker

Spring is just around the corner. I have collected a bunch of seeds and want to germinate them.
I thought I'd be "green" and make something to form the pots out of recycled newspaper.
The seedlings are about ready to plant in our garden beds.
Hope you find this gardening tool helpful and fun.

Step 1:

Making the Pot Maker:
I started with clay to form a cylinder about 1-1/2" in diameter and 1-3/4" long.
I also formed a rod about 3" long and 1" in diameter.
You could also use wood instead of clay.

Step 2:

Next I hollowed out 1" from the center of the cylinder.

Step 3:

I then inserted the rod to form a handle and glued it onto the inside of the cylinder.

Step 4:

I sculpted a face onto the top of the rod (optional) and carved my initials on the front.
The ceramics was dried and glaze fired in a kiln for the final finish.

Step 5:

Making the Pots:
I tore out 2-column width and 1/2 page long strips of newpaper. 3, or 4 pages at a time works well.
To make the pot, set the pot maker on its side and wrap newspaper around the base.

Step 6:

Push the bottom of the newpaper into the center hole to anchor shape the newpaper pot.

Step 7:

Remove the pot and fill with potting soil and your seed(s). Water gently.



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    Do not use the colorful COMICS section of the newspaper. It makes your plants grow funny. (old joke). For those who are curious, a retail wooden version forms a 2 1/4 diameter pot. Thus the cylinder is 2 1/4" wide x 2" tall, plus a handle.
    If you don't have a kiln, or a wood lathe, you could use a 1 1/2 PVC coupling, with 2 - 1 1/2 x 3/4 reducing bushings.....one threaded, one slip on the 3/4 side.
    Want it almost free? Use a empty 6 oz. Tomato Paste can, save the lid and glue a milk bottle cap to the lid. After a few wraps of news paper, tuck one end to complete the closed end of the pot by placing over the lid/cap and compressing it with a 2 oz. Tabasco Sauce bottle.

    Don't use the colored newspaper pages though. Some contain nasty chemicals in the colored ink!

    My first thought was make it from polymer clay.  That way you can bake it from home.  very creative.

    Thanks for the feedback.  Well it's another Springtime around the corner and I'm going to be using my "little gizmo" again this year.  I found it to work great - better than paper egg crates.  The roots seem to be happier in their earth-friendly newspaper pots.  Happy gardening to all!

    Great idea! You can also use toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes. I cut the TP tubes in half and paper towel cores into quarters. Then I use a shallow plastic tub with drain hols in bottom (put some gravel in bottom for drainage) then transplant right into the garden.

    I really love this! I've been making newspaper seeding pots for years and am always hunting for bottles JUST THE RIGHT SIZE every spring to use for the form. This is really a brilliant alternative for that. Great job. Thanks for sharing!

    you could also use a can that might work better and saves time.

    Wonderful to know you are still ceative! What a great idea.

    Wow, a simple clay design... I wish I had a kiln. I just finished making a similar pot maker out of wood, it works great, and we won's spend money on those stupid peat pellets this year.

    Newspaper is quickly/easily composting, I assume? This is a GREAT 'ible. Totally will be used in my house this spring! :)

    Great idea! Thanks so much, I'm going to do this one myself!

    That's very nice. Simple, and effective I presume? L