Cereal Box Airsoft Target Trap

Introduction: Cereal Box Airsoft Target Trap

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Have you ever wanted an Airsoft trap without spending any money? Well you're in luck! You can create a sturdy Airsoft trap from a simple cereal box!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-A cereal box
-4 clothespins
-Duct tape (of any color)
-Scotch tape
-A hot glue gun
-Hot glue
-A ruler
-A pencil

Step 2: Taping the Box Shut

First, you will need to empty the box, and tape any and all openings shut.

Step 3: Measurements

Take a piece of paper and lay it horizontally across the box. Next, trace the top and bottom edges of the paper with a pencil. Then, measure about an inch down/up from each line and draw second horizontal lines across the box.

Step 4: Cutting

Cut the front of the box open along the two inner lines you just drew. Then, cut along the sides to create a square opening in the front of the box.

Step 5: Side Access Opening

This opening will allow your to retrieve your ammo after using it.

Trace and cut a square opening in the side of the box. It should be low enough for the bottom of the box to be right below it, and big enough to fit your hand through.

Step 6: The Internal Ramp.

The internal ramp will allow the BB's to roll down towards your access opening.

To make the ramp, take the piece of cardboard that you cut from the front of the box, and cut it to get a piece that is the same width as the side of the box. Next, arrange it so it is no higher than than the lower wall of the box front opening, and is sloping down towards the access opening. Finally, hot glue it in place.

Step 7: Paper Stabilizers (Clothespins)

Adding clothespins to the box will allow you to attach paper targets easily and quickly.

Take four clothespins, and arrange them on the box as shown, with the clipping part over the opening of the box front. Next, hot glue them in place.

Step 8: Covering

Covering the box in duct tape will make the box sturdier and better-looking.

Simply cover all parts of the box in duct tape except the clipping ends of the clothespins.

Step 9: Access Opening Cover

The access opening cover will keep projectiles from bouncing out of the access opening.

Simply take the piece you cut to make.the access opening, and cover it in duct tape. Next, tape it at the top to the top of the access opening. You may find it necessary to cur a finger hold to make opening the cover easier.

The reason we did not simply leave the top part uncut was because the tape connection is much sturdier than a pure cardboard connection.

Step 10: Stand

The stand will keep the box from falling over when hit with high-speed projectiles.

Take the other half of the piece from the front cover, and cover it in duct tape. Next, bend it at approximately the angle shown (a little more than halfway). Then, tape it to the center bottom of the back of the box. Test to make sure the box stands up.

Step 11: Targets

The targets are what you will aim at when using the trap.

Take a piece of paper and cut it to the same width as the box. Next, draw a series of concentric circles to create a bullseye target. Then, place the target in the clothespins. Repeat as many times as you want to get the desired amount of target papers.

Step 12: Using the Airsoft Trap

Now, you can use your Airsoft box trap! After use, to retrieve your ammo, open the access opening and take out the BB's. You can remove the target whenever you need and replace it.

Step 13: Done!

You now have a cereal box Airsoft trap! Have fun using it!

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