Cereal Box Disguise

Introduction: Cereal Box Disguise

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Is someone eating your favorite cereal?  Your child, wife, roommate, split personality.  It doesn't matter who is doing it, this instructable is the solution.

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Step 1: Materials

All you need is two boxes of cereal.

One is the one you want to keep.

The other is the opposite of the cereal you want to keep.  This is important.  You want to be able to leave this box of cereal in the same place that you would normally keep cereal without someone wanting to take it as well. 

The two cereals I have are Froot Loops and Corn Flakes....polar opposites.  Froot Loops are not really made of fruit.....that is why they spell it Froot.  They are so addictive because of all the sugar and that hypnotic toucan.  Who can resist?  You can't blame the person(s) taking your Froot Loops.  They don't want to.... they HAVE to!  Just reading this and seeing the photo is making your mouth water.

Corn Flakes are made of real corn and real flakes....healthy stuff.  That rooster isn't hypnotic, he just has that blank eyeless stare....kind of creepy.  You have to make the toucan look like the rooster.....EASY.

Step 2: Prepare the Disguise

Take the Corn Flakes out of the box.  Hold on to the bag full of corn flakes for the advanced version of the disguise.

Step 3: Disguise Time

If your box of Corn Flakes is bigger than your box of Froot Loops, all you have to do is put the Froot Loops box inside the Corn Flakes box.  If it will not fit, just pull out the bag of Froot loops and put that inside the Corn Flakes box.  The only way someone will know the true contents is if they open the box, or have x-ray vision.....see second photo.

Step 4: Finished.....Or Are We?

Now you have a box of your favorite cereal that no one else is going to eat.  I know what you are saying, "What if my roommate looks inside the box or has X-ray vision.    If your roommate has x-ray vision, you have bigger problems, but if they are just sneaky, we can protect the cereal from them looking inside.  On to the advanced version of the Cereal Box Disguise.

Step 5: Advanced Cereal Box Disguise

Now the advanced version of our disguise.  Remember that bag of Corn Flakes I said to hold on to?  Good you didn't eat it all.  The advanced form of the Cereal Box Disguise is simple.  Just use half of a bag of Corn Flakes to conceal the bag of Froot Loops on bottom.  Roll up the bottom of the bag so that it looks full, from the top.  Now if someone does open the box of Corn Flakes, they will find Corn Flakes.  If they pull out the bag of Corn Flakes, they will find the Froot Loops that they are so addicted to, and you will have to find another hiding place.

As always, Enjoy and thanks for reading,


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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I agree. I have seen many different versions; regular soda in a diet soda bottle, dorittos in a triscuts box. I worked at a summer camp that did not allow candy, you should have seen some of the solutions. One camper smuggled in chocolate syrup in a shampoo bottle!

    Thanks for the comment.