Cevapcici Cheddar Pizza Rolls With Olives Recipe

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1 portion pizza dough

300g cevapcici

100g cheddar cheese

50g olives

2 onions

1 egg

salt, pepper, oregano

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Step 1: Preparation

Cut the olives & the cevapcici in pieces and the onions in half moons. Fry the cevapcici with the onions in a hot pan with a bit oil. Scatter salt & pepper to it and stir it till it looks good. Add the olives and mix everything. Roll out the dough and cut it. Place cevapcici pieces on the dough and place onions and olives.

Step 2: Finish

Roll the dough around the cevapcici pieces and brush it with egg yolk. Now place cheddar cheese slices on top and put it in the oven at 150 degrees celsius circulating air for about 15 to 20 minutes. Look at my other work.


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    1 year ago

    I hope it's not just for dudes because it looks delicious! I would have to leave the meat out Since I'm a vegetarian.

    1 reply