Chain Mail Jewelery




Introduction: Chain Mail Jewelery

Uses these,
add this,
and some of those 
and this is what you get!

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    looks like 3/16 ID in the 4 in 1 weave. Just a off hand guess

    What weave do you use in all of these? And what kind of materials? Obviously anodized aluminum, but do you also gt bright aluminum or stainless steel or what? Also do you use those rubber rings a lot? I started chainmail and have made 2 bracelets out of bright aluminum (it was cheapest for my first time) but I really like it and these bracelets look great. I think I did some more complicated stuff though, the box weave and the captive orbital, both with 18g 3/32, I think that's what it's called. What size rings do you use? Sorry for all the questions :)

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    DEFINATELY NOT 3/32nds. I used 3/16. I just found out how small 3/32 is :)

    What's wrong with 3/32? I make Byzantine chains out of it all the time (22g 3/32)!

    what weave did u use

    Ill be at the barnstable county fair this summer if anyone would like to purchase!

    As a beginning chainmailler to a professional (or at least your work looks professional in the pictures) do you mind me asking where you get materials and where you sell your work? I got some rings from The Ring Lord, but shipping was wicked expensive because they ship from Canada and I live in the US. I also am still in high school and looking to make some pocket money from my maker/DIY abilities, but trying to sell things like this is a first for me. Thanks.

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    Actually, I as well started making and selling in my middle school years, from the same store, but I dealt with the expensive shipping, and if you make them good enough, and know how to price them, you could make your money back in no time at all. I sell my work wherever there are customers!

    I can deal with the shipping rates, but I guess I should have asked for a little more detail in the selling bit. I don't really know how to start. I was thinking of maybe going to the jewelry stores in town and seeing if they would sell my work. I currently am only working in stainless steel chain weaves (Persian, box, Byzantine etc.) and anodized aluminum/rubber (4 in 1 and 6 in 1 bracelets), and I think that there might be a store in town that would sell them. I do intend to move up to silver and gold eventually, but I figured starting small would be better. My town also has a "Town Day" celebration and I thought of putting up a booth for that, but I am not old enough to fill out the paperwork and all the other necessary stuff. I think that mostly I will be selling them at school to friends and their friends, etc. Do you have any advice or ideas that I might have overlooked? Thanks for the help.
    Oh, and by the way, the black ice, light blue and gold colored aluminum rings make an amazing color combo if you haven't found it already. I made a 3-wide 4 in 1 bracelet with those colors and slightly smaller black rubber rings and it looks amazing.

    dont do jewelry stores, they will over price your work, and noone wants to buy something they know they could do themselves in due time and with minimal tools and money...first go to all your friends and family...make a few pieces and thenshow them...i made a micro jewelry maille chain that incorperated all the MAJOR mailling rope weaves...the byzantine, round persian, box, tryzantine, reverse roundmaille etc, and i actually had someone willing to buy THAT chain itself but it wasnt useable as jewelry cause of how i made it. eventually your family will tell their extended family and friends, and your friends will tell their family and other friends...i since then stopped because of the call of duty in several walks of life.

    you dont even have to make your own...i buy from The Ring Lord as well, and i figured thats where you got your stuff (cause i recognized a few things that only hey sell). if you do like i did...Charge your "customers" for just the cost of the materials, and "over order" rings. the key to chainmaill is that you over order to adjust for the loss of 10% of your rings being either unuseable, or you loose them. this rule is especially true for "jewelry maille" where your using the smaller gages. but i over order for two reasons...1) to offset the 10% of ring loss, and 2) usually my customers come back to me, so i will have less to order the next due time, you will build up your ring supply and never run out. Basically your enjoying YOUR hobby at THEIR expense. sounds like bad business, but it really isnt. i let all my customers know what i do and why, and they are OK with it...

    They are now being sold online! Check facebook , search chainded reaction, and press like for more information

    These are very cool, I hope you think about making a full instructable for it!

    You ought to use a shot of the finished jewellery as your first image.

    (There is a certain amount of compression in the upload process, but don't worry, the jewellery still looks good.)