Chain Mail Trilobite Paracord Bracelet




Hey everyone, today I present to you... The Chain Mail Trilobite Paracord bracelet.

Step 1: Gather Materials

The things you'll need are:
-Stainless steel open jump rings (10mm diameter)
-Snap shackle

You can get the jump rings here:

You can get the snap shackle here:

Step 2: Making the Setup

Step 1: Cut two pieces of cord, each about 10 feet long
Step 2: Find the middle and make a loop with one of them, then twist the loop
Step 3: Find the middle and make a loop with the other cord
Step 4: Thread the loop into the twisted loop
Step 5: Bring the loop you just pulled down
Step 6: Thread the other side of the cord into the loop, creating a cow hitch

Step 7: Now you'll need the metal jump rings
Step 8: Thread the middle cords through 20-25 rings, you can always add more when your working, and if you have to many you can take them off when you end the bracelet

Step 3: Making the Bracelet

To anyone who read my instructable on the Paracord snake, this should feel familiar because it is the same style of knots.

Step 1: Take the right cord and place it over the middle cords, but under the left cord
Step 2: Bring the left cord under the middle cords and upwards through the loop created by the right cord
Step 3: Slide a jump ring down
Step 4: Make a loop with the right cord around the rightmost middle cord
Step 5: Bring the left cord over-under-over to the right side
Step 6: Bring the right cord over under to the left side
Step 7: Repeat steps 1 through 6 until you reach the end of your cordage

Step 4: Jump Rings

So, I ran out of jump rings because I did not put on enough initially. I will show you how to put them on a different way.

Step 1: Take a jump ring and two pairs of pliers
Step 2: Grab the jump ring with both pliers and give it a little twist
Step 3: Push the ring onto the middle cords from the side
Step 4: Close the ring by using the pliers

Step 5: Ending the Bracelet

Step 1: Take your needle nosed pliers and pull the excess cord through four rows on the side of the bracelet
Step 2: Do the same thing with the other cord
Step 3: Cut off the excess and melt the ends
Step 4: Do the same thing with the other cord

Step 6: Snap Shackle

So you're done and probably thinking "Wait, what about the shackle," so I saved this part for last because it will be easier if we already have the bracelet made.

Step 1: Thread the shackle onto to the two strands
Step 2: Take your needle nosed pliers and pull the cord through four rows on the side of the bracelet
Step 3: Do the same thing on the opposite side of the bracelet
Step 4: Cut and melt both ends

Step 7: Finished!

Congratulations! You've made the Chain Mail Trilobite Paracord bracelet. I hope you enjoyed my instructable and I hope that you will vote for me in the Outside contest!
Thank you for the positive feedback on my other instructables!



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    3 Discussions

    Temo Vryce

    2 years ago

    I wouldn't classify this as a chainmaille bracelet just on the use of jump rings. That being said, I like the ingenuity and simplicity of the project. I'm going to have to remember this one for down the road.


    2 years ago

    Great looking bracelet. And fantastic photos too. Very nice work, all around! :)