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Introduction: Chain Rainbow Loom

This is the easiest kind of rainbow loom bracelet you can make. I call it the chain bracelet, because it looks like a chain.

(Please leave comets, wither you liked it or not. If not please tell me what i could do better)

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1) rubber bands (how many depends on your wrist size)
2) your fingers
3) a clip

Step 2: Twist

Twist the first rubber band into an eight. Then, put it on your fingers

Step 3: Start

Add your second color to the top of your first color. Don't twist any into an eight after the first one. If you are using three colors you have to wait.

Step 4: Chaining

Bring you bottom rubber band up over the second one.

Step 5: New

Put your first color on top of that. If you are using three or four colors, put your third color on.

Step 6: Repeat

Keep repeating steps four and five until you have one that will fit around your wrist.

Step 7: Clip

Once you are done bring up the last rubber band and put on your clip

Step 8:

Clip the other side on the clip. Now you are done and have a bracelet.

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    6 years ago

    hello, you don't have to use your fingers I have use pencils a lot of times.