Chain Decorated Pathing (K'nex)




Introduction: Chain Decorated Pathing (K'nex)

About: Name: Tom Staying, Bye

Hi guys!!

This is a little path i thought of while fiddling around with a lift.
As the ball (any size) passes through it makes the chains wobble for a decorative effect!

Doesn't use many parts and i'm not going to bother doing an ible because it's so easy to make from the pics.

I know it's not that amazing but don't be harsh/hate on it!

Thanks for reading, MM8



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     not that bad... maybe you should make lots of little rollercoaster bits like this, and post them all in the same slideshow.

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    ive only got like a one foot of micro chain!

    ive got a load of the big chain though and i just got an idea!